Biteback 'Quick-Silver' Cleanse & Protect Lotion

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Biteback's Quick-Silver is a non-steroid, multipurpose mild lotion for cleansing and protecting equine and canine skin.  It is especially suited to sensitive and problematic skin due its gentle and non-irritant formula. It is effective against greasy heel, especially in conjunction wtih Biteback Mudbar Plus.

It is a sophisticated care complex of allantoin and elemental silver which safely stabilises the barrier function of the skin’s natural mantle. It also contains ingredients which soften the skin, protect it against dehydration and form a barrier to biting parasites.

It can be used on its own as an antiseptic cleanser (making use of the natural antibacterial properties of silver) however we particularly recommend its use when the integrity of the skin has been compromised, leading to infected scabs.  It is especially effective when used with one of its sister products: Mudbar Plus cream.

How to apply:  Spray over the affected skin area, then massage in.   The spray nozzle allows quick and effective coverage, as well as deep penetration into the coat/hair.   The product adds a silkiness which means it will gently loosen scabs without having to pick at them.  Apply a layer of Mudbar Plus cream when necessary.   A significant improvement should be seen within two weeks, even on badly damaged, scabby skin.

Ingredients include:  benzyl benzoate to form a protective barrier, benzyl alcohol to soothe the skin and silver, a naturally anti-bacterial element

500ml spray bottle


'We're blown away by it. In all the years Abbie has had mallenders, it's never stopped re-scabbing over. The skin is now smooth and soft, as is the hair around it.'

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