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Smart Coats is the ultimate tool for dematting and thinning thick coats on horses, ponies and donkeys, including those with Equine Cushing’s Syndrome. They are also used on cattle to prepare them for the show ring. Smart Coats is particularly useful in spring to remove the thick winter undercoat. They do not give a perfectly smooth, clipped finish but they do leave the coat looking tidy.

Smart Coats also works brilliantly on long-haired dogs, removing the thick undercoat, dematting and taking out loose moulting hair. They leave the coat thinned, tidy and more easily managed.

Using the same principles as Smart Manes and Smart Tails, Smart Coats will thin the coat easily without causing your animal discomfort. With an extra wide head (12.7cm), the job is done quickly and efficiently.

Smart Coats is made from high-quality Scandinavian steel, has an attractive wooden handle and is manufactured in Germany. You can choose from two blade types (coarse or fine), depending on your animal's hair type, and the blades can be replaced and interchanged.

What is the difference between Smart Coats and the other Smart Grooming products?

Smart Coats is made from the same materials as Smart Manes but has a wider blade width of 5 inches (12.7 cm). This means that you can do a larger area in a shorter time. If you wish to the thin the coat of a small animal, such as a long-haired cat, we recommend you consider a Smart Tails as it has a smaller blade.

Is it easy to use Smart Coats?

Yes, you will not believe how easy it is! Simply run the Smart Coat through the coat of your horse, pony or dog and it will drag the loose hair away from the coat. Where the coat does not want to shed and is static, then the blade will come into action and will evenly thin out the coat all over.

Which blade should I choose?

Smart Coats comes in two blade types - coarse and fine.

Coarse blades have 30 teeth and are ideal for thick, coarse or matted coats or for animals with particularly dense hair.

Fine blades have 60 teeth and are better on finer, softer hair but where there is a lot of it. Some people switch to a fine blade after using a coarse blade for a period of time and getting their animal's hair under control.

Please click on the drop down box below to order your Smart Coats product and choose your blade preference. Spare blades are also available.


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