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V-tie is a velcro safety tether which pulls apart under pressure. Simply re-close and use again. V-tie is suitable for restless horses.

V-ties are

  • Velcro-fastening
  • Easily moved
  • Ideal for stable, yard or float
  • Made in England
  • Please note that the lead rope is not included.

V-tie FAQs

Q. Why do I need a V-tie?
A. For safety reasons, it is advisable to always tether horses with a deliberate breaking or quick release point between the horse and its securing ring. V-tie has the benefit of both manual quick release and pull apart feature.

Q. Can a V-tie be used inside my horse float?
A. Yes, your V-tie can be used in a horse float. It can also be used to tether your horse on the outside of your horse float at events.

Q. Is there anywhere I can't use my V-tie?
A. We recommend that V-tie is only tied to a secure tie ring. Be aware of tying up to objects that are not solid, such as a wooden rail.

Q. Can I leave my V-tie outdoors?
A. V-tie is best kept indoors. It can be left outdoors for short periods, but excess rain can affect the stickiness of the velcro. If V-tie does get very wet it can be dried out and the stickiness should then return to normal.

Q. What is the significance of the red tab on my V-tie?
A. The red tab indicates the area where V-tie will come apart under pressure. The red tab must never be obstructed as this could stop it working correctly. Always tie your leadrope to the black part of the tether.

Q. What is the difference between V-tie and Equitie?
A. V-tie has a higher strength break point and is re-useable, which makes it more suitable for horses that are unreliable when tethered, restless or jumpy. Equitie is designed for use with a good horse which may only occasionally startle, Equitie will break and then need to be replaced.

V-ties are very easy to use

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