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core strength, EquiAmi, kissing spine, lunge, lunging, rehab, topline, training aid -

The EquiAmi helps horses learn to accept the contact and encourages the horse to work in a round, engaged outline, using their core and building those all-important topline muscles.

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equine allergic dermatitis, horse health, horse skin care, horse skin cream, insect repellent, itch, itchy horse, itchy pony, queensland itch, skin cream, skin irritation, sweet itch -

Owners of equines that suffer from sweet itch (Queensland itch) will know what a frustrating condition it is, both for horse and owner. In this blog we discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and management of sweet itch. We are delighted that, as the newly appointed exclusive regional distributors of Biteback Products, we can now assist Australians and New Zealanders in the fight against this distressing condition.

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anti-anxiety mask, calming hood, compression hood, far infrared, hood, horse calming hood, horse calming mask, liquid titanium, liquid titanium mask -

We recently transported two much-loved horses from Australia to the UK. They wore the Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Therapy Masks to keep them calm and help them to cope with the journey. They travelled brilliantly and we credit the Liquid Titanium masks with keeping them as relaxed as possible.



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foam pad, gel pad, pressure relief, pressure relieving pad, saddlepad, shock absorbing pad -

Grosvenor Park Products is delighted to announce that it is now the exclusive Australian distributor of the incredible Very Important Pad, a unique pressure-relieving pad for horses that acts like a second skin. To celebrate, we are offering 10% off all pre-orders of this ground-breaking product.

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anxious horse, calming hood, calming mask, Fenwick Equestrian, Grosvenor Park Products, horse calming hood, horse calming mask, horse mask, liquid titanium -

International show jumping athlete, Andrew Welles, and Team Welles LLC are excited to announce their newest partnership with Fenwick Equestrian, producers of the Liquid Titanium Far Infrared therapeutic products. Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium Far Infrared products use a patent pending technology, which has resulted in the production of the first and only therapeutic mask to help your horse relax and focus naturally. Fenwick Equestrian products are distributed in Australia and New Zealand exclusively by Grosvenor Park Products. To learn more or to buy click here.

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