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We are currently offering an incredible $50 OFF all VIP pads AND a money-back guarantee. There has never been a better time to buy one. The VIP is designed to make life better for the VIP in your life - your horse - improving their comfort under saddle and their way of going. But what makes the VIP superior to anything else on the market? You could be forgiven for thinking the VIP is yet another gel pad – far from it. What sets it apart is the raw material. It is made from VETeq, a renowned viscoelastic polymer which...

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quarter marks, quarter-marking, quartermarking, quartermarks, show prep, show prep products, showing, turnout -

Showing guru, Madeleine Leva, shares her tips for creating quartermarks that will truly flatter your horse. As Madeleine explains, not all quarter marks suit all horses, so it all starts with choosing the most flattering style for your horse’s shape. 

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horse grooming, horse make up, horse show, horse showing, show prep, show prep products, turnout -

The experts at Smart Grooming UK, and showing guru Kate Jerram-Hunnable, share their advice for applying make-up to your horse. Remember, practice makes perfect and you want to be confident applying make-up before competition day, so even if you aren't preparing for a competition get out there are start experimenting with make-up on your horse!

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core strength, EquiAmi, kissing spine, lunge, lunging, rehab, topline, training aid -

The EquiAmi helps horses learn to accept the contact and encourages the horse to work in a round, engaged outline, using their core and building those all-important topline muscles.

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equine allergic dermatitis, horse health, horse skin care, horse skin cream, insect repellent, itch, itchy horse, itchy pony, queensland itch, skin cream, skin irritation, sweet itch -

Owners of equines that suffer from sweet itch (Queensland itch) will know what a frustrating condition it is, both for horse and owner. In this blog we discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and management of sweet itch. We are delighted that, as the newly appointed exclusive regional distributors of Biteback Products, we can now assist Australians and New Zealanders in the fight against this distressing condition.

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