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Equigroomer - an unrivalled shedding and all-round grooming tool

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Equigroomer - an unrivalled shedding and all-round grooming tool

Equigroomer is a safe, gentle, effective tool that removes loose hair, dust and dander from horses, dogs, cats, rabbits or any animal that sheds. Unlike most grooming tools that work by reaching down through the coat and pulling the loose hair out from the base, the EquiGroomer’s coarse blade works by removing the dead hair from the ends so there’s no pulling on the fur or harm to the skin. It also lifts up the dust and dander from the coat, removing it to reveal a clean, shiny coat. At the same time, it brings up the natural oils that nourish the coat and keep it looking in top condition.  Using the EquiGroomer will result in a coat that’s shiny, smooth and soft. Its design is incredibly simple but it is so effective that it has become the shedding blade of choice for countless professional pet groomers.

The blade is designed to be safe no matter how much or how often you groom your horse or pet. It simply will not damage the topcoat or remove any healthy hair. Your horse or pet won’t even realise they’re being groomed! To them, it will feel more like a massage, which means you’ll be able to groom them more often and keep shedding hair at bay. It’s even suitable for animals with sensitive skin or who don’t like being groomed.

Although originally designed for horses, it works just as well on pets. The EquiGroomer comes in two sizes, small (13cm) and large (23cm). The large version works well for the larger areas on horses, while the small version is good for faces, legs, ponies and miniatures. The small Equigroomer is also perfect for dogs, cats and other small animals.

  • Removes dead, loose hair, dust and dirt from your horse or pet
  • Leaves the coat clean, smooth and shiny
  • Easy to use, with an ergonomic handle
  • Very gentle, great on sensitive animals 
  • Use all year long, not just in shedding season 
  • Hardened steel blade so it won't wear down 
  • Available in small and large
  • Comes in 8 bright, fun colours
  • Made in the USA

See it in use on a horse here

And see it in use on a cat here

Read more or buy your own Equigroomer here.

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