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Tips for getting white bits white from showing guru Madeleine Leva & 10% off whitening products

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Tips for getting white bits white from showing guru Madeleine Leva & 10% off whitening products

Madeleine Leva is not only a highly successful competitor in the show ring, she also offers her expert show preparation services to others via her business Plait My Pony. Madeleine turns her and her clients' horses out to the highest standards and when it comes to show prep products, only the best will do. That's why Madeleine chooses the Smart Grooming range for outstanding presentation. Madeleine has tried just about every show prep brand on the market but she loves our products and we are delighted she has chosen to be a Grosvenor Park Products brand ambassador.

Smart Grooming Show Prep Products

We asked Madeleine to give us her expert opinion on Smart Grooming Leg and Body Whitening Powder. Here's what she had to say:

'I am a perfectionist when it comes to turning out horses for competition, and I have a horse with four white socks. This has the potential to cause meltdowns when preparing for shows!'

'Last year the team at Grosvenor Park Products sent me a sample of the Smart Grooming Whitening Powder. After trying it I was so impressed that I immediately ordered the 1kg bucket of the powder.'                           

Madeleine's Top Tips

Madeleine let us in on her technique for using the whitening powder. 'Mixed with water to form a paste, I paint or sponge it onto my gelding’s socks the night before a show. I let it dry, then the boots go on overnight and in the morning there’s one less job to do that would originally cause stress the morning of a show!

Smart Grooming Whitening Powder

All I have to do is brush out the excess powder and the job is done. I know with the Smart Grooming Whitening Powder that my gelding will have brilliant white socks come show day. The best thing - they also stay white for about 4 days post show!'

Smart Grooming whitening powder

More ways to use Smart Grooming Whitening Powder

The whitening powder is a versatile product that can be used in several ways and is suitable for both full body and leg and face whitening.
Dry: Damp sponge and dip into powder. Apply to white areas. When dry, remove excess powder with a clean brush.
Wet: Mix powder with water to form a paste. Apply to white legs with a sponge and bandage. When dry, remove excess powder with a clean brush.
Body use: Mix a cup of powder with half a bucket of warm water and apply all over body. Cover with a light sheet and allow whitener to dry. When dry, remove excess powder with a clean brush.                    

The Smart Grooming Whitening Range

For best results we recommend using the leg and body whitening powder after shampooing with our Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo, which removes stains and yellowing. Another star of our whitening range is Super Blue - the little pot of blue powder used to create absolute whiteness. Dissolve a tiny amount in a bucket of warm water and use as a final rinse over the body or just on the mane and tail. It works much like the old-fashioned "blue bag" used to whiten laundry on wash day! To see a video of Super Blue whitening a stained tail click here. And the final tool in anyone's whitening kit should be our Polar White Stain Remover. Polar White spray removes stubborn discolouration and produces instant whiteness. It can be used on stable and grass stains, as well as on feathers, socks and tails. It can even be used to remove stains from white saddlecloths, breeches and other light-coloured clothing!
Head to the show prep products section of our website to read more about the Smart Grooming range and to start your collection of products.

Discount code - save 10% on whitening products

We are offering 10% OFF whitening products this weekend (4-6 May 2018) with discount code WHITE18. Simply enter the code at checkout.


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