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How to tie up your horse or pony safely

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How to tie up your horse or pony safely

We are frequently asked about the safest way to tie up your horse. It is a topic on which we have done a lot of research and about which we care deeply. We have searched for the best products designed for safely tying up horses and we now distribute several different safety ties in Australia and New Zealand, each of which is suited to different types of horse and different situations.

Why baler twine is not a safe option

Baler twine was once widely used to tether horses but it is unreliable – new baler twine frequently doesn’t break when needed, while worn baler twine that has been sitting in the sun for months breaks too easily. We’ve heard horrifying tales of horses being injured due to unsafe tethering, many because the baler twine didn’t break. Baler twine used to be made of sisal and would break relatively easily. These days it is made of tough nylon, usually with a four-ton breaking strain, which is far too strong for tying up a horse.

One horse-owner said she realised modern baler twine was not suitable for tying horses when her mare pulled back, the twine didn’t break, the stable wall gave way and the mare took off with the stable wall dragging behind her. She galloped madly trying to get away from it until she double barrelled it and the clip on the leadrope broke – the baler twine, however, did not.

At the other end of the spectrum, baler twine that is weak can teach a horse that jerking his head back and snapping the twine will leave him loose and free to take off.


Equitie is a breakpoint safety tie, designed to give way under sudden, significant pressure. The Equitie is made of rubber, which means it allows some give without the horse feeling sudden pressure and restriction. If the horse moves gently the Equitie gives but reminds the horse is tied up. If the horse pulls back sharply, the Equitie will break. It is great for use in the float or truck.

Equitie - horse safety tether



Equitie is:

  • Easily moved
  • Weather resistant
  • Ideal for stable, yard or float
  • Made in England



In response to demand from customers we searched for a product specifically designed to assist in training youngsters to tie up calmly and to re-train horses who had learned to pull back, a product that would also prevent horses breaking free. The Idolo Tether Tie meets those requirements. What's more, it has two pressure settings, achieved by simply reversing the tether tie, which allows you to tailor the product to your horse and the situation.

The Idolo Tether Tie is not just a safer way to tie up your horse – it uses pressure and release to teach your horse to tie up confidently and safely.

Experts will tell you that in order to train a horse to tie up safely, you need to teach your horse to yield to pressure and take a step forwards if he feels the rope tighten, rather than leap backwards. Plenty of us have witnessed a horse that is hard tied or tethered to baler twine, pulls back when spooked, then feels trapped as the head collar tightens, panics and tries to break free. The Idolo Tether Tie not only avoids that scenario, it uses pressure and release (the foundation of all good horse training) to train your horse the right behaviour. It is perfect for training young horses or for horses who tend to pull back and break breakpoint tethers too easily.

If spooked, the horse can pull back without being panicked by too much pressure around the head, and stay safely connected to the securing ring. As he pulls back, the rope passes over the central friction bar and the horse feels a gentle, steady pressure. He realises this pressure is nothing to be afraid of, relaxes, stops and takes a step forward, releasing the pressure and rewarding him for staying calm. This instills confidence and the horse gradually learns there is no need to panic. The horse remains connected at all times. The pressure can be altered by reversing the Idolo. It is designed for use with a longer length lead rope.

To see the Idolo Tether Tie in use click here.

The Idolo Tether Tie can be used anywhere you need to tie your horse, and is ideal for use with the farrier or vet. Manufactured in Great Britain from high-grade industrial nylon, it is strong and durable, reduces head collar and rope breakages and, best of all, eliminates the temptation to use baler twine.
  • Easy to use, including with cross ties
  • Use anywhere you need to tie your horse
  • Prevents injury to your horse
  • Uses pressure and release
  • Teaches your horse to tie up safely, calmly and confidently
  • Allows the horse to move about but remain secured
  • Prevents headcollar and rope breakage
  • Two pressure settings
  • Strong, durable and rustproof
  • Comes in 8 colours
  • Made in Great Britain




Using the tether tie is easy: make a loop, thread through the tether tie as shown, loop over the top, clip to a tie ring - that’s it!




‘I love the Idolo Tether Tie... It is so easy to use and works exactly as described. Will never tie to a bit of baler twine again!’

‘Great for teaching youngsters to tie safely. I recommend it to all my clients.’

‘Thanks for a really great product... They are attached to every tie up ring in the yard and our notorious ‘twine breaker’ has been brilliant even when I bathed him (he usually snaps the twine and runs away as soon as the hose comes out).’

See our range of safety tethers here.

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