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Meet Our Suppliers - Chester Jefferies Gloves - and take a look inside the very traditional factory

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Meet Our Suppliers - Chester Jefferies Gloves - and take a look inside the very traditional factory

We choose our suppliers very carefully and we are proud to distribute some incredible international brands in Australia and New Zealand. The companies we work with manufacture products that are the best in their field, like Chester Jefferies, the world's finest glove makers.

This family-run company has been making leather and lambskin gloves since 1936 using traditional methods. Today the company is run by the grandson and great-grandson of the founder and staffed by a skilled and dedicated team who are keeping traditional glove making alive.

We recently visited the Chester Jefferies factory in the rural English county of Dorset. The gloves are still handmade, some in the workshop, others by seamstresses in their own homes. The leather is carefully selected and cut the traditional way, by hand. The range of gloves is varied, and includes classic formal dress, military, equestrian and shooting. In equestrian circles the gloves are highly sought after worldwide, popular for all disciplines but almost essential in the show ring.

Whenever we visit Chester Jefferies we marvel at the busy folk there, taking great pride in their work and the tradition behind it. Walking into the factory is like stepping back in time, with seamstresses sitting at rows of antique Singer Sewing machines. Manager Greg (the founder's grandson) tells us that these are still the best machines for the job and are the same machines that were used when his father ran the factory, over 60 years ago.

Chester Jefferies Gloves Australia

'Walking into the factory is like stepping back in time'

The company has a long history of making gloves for theatre, film and television, including for countless period dramas, and for productions such as Titanic, Robin Hood, the Harry Potter films and Merlin. Yes, Hagrid and Hercule Poirot have both worn Chester Jefferies gloves. The company also makes gloves for members of the royal family and carefully crafts the Royal Horse Guards’ white gauntlets. So, when you buy a pair of Chester Jefferies gloves, you are in good company but you are also buying a piece of history from people who really care about what they do and the goods they produce.

Chester Jefferies Gloves are available direct here on our website. We welcome enquiries from potential new stockists in Australia and New Zealand - please email for details.

Chester Jefferies Gloves Australia

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