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New tools to revolutionise the way you plait your horse!

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New tools to revolutionise the way you plait your horse!

Our ingenious new plaiting products from Smart Grooming UK, combined with some old favourites, will revolutionise the way you plait. Plaiting wax, flat wax plaiting thread and specialist needles will all make plaiting far quicker and easier.

NEW! Smart Grooming Flat Wax Plaiting Thread 90m

 Flat Wax Horse Plaiting Thread

Smart Grooming’s Flat Wax Plaiting Thread is THE perfect thread for plaiting your horse. A wax coating stiffens the thread and together with the flat shape makes it easy to thread through a needle. It is also extra strong and grippy, helping to create perfect plaits firm.

The thread comes in 7 colours to blend in with all shades and types of manes and tails. Black is also available in 270m rolls.

Priced from just $16.00.

NEW! Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax

 Smart Grooming Horse Plaiting Wax

Plaiting wax smooths and holds stray hairs to perfect the final finish. It is easy to apply and promotes healthy hair.

Formulated with bees wax and Vitamin E, Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax is a non oil-based formula that conditions and nourishes for a shiny finish, without clumping.

RRP $24.00

NEW! Blunt-ended Plaiting Needles - Pack of 6

Horse Plaiting Needles

 A set of six blunt-ended, large eye, plaiting needles measuring 70mm long. Supplied in a neat little clear plastic tube, so you won't lose them.

These plaiting needles are easy and safe to use and make threading up quick and easy, particularly when using the Smart Grooming Flat Wax Plaiting Thread.

RRP $8.00

Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits

 Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits

Smart Grooming’s Perfect Plaits gives the ideal texture for plaiting, providing good grip and helping plaits stay firm. It contains a setting lotion to ensure the plaits stay perfect all day long!

RRP $35.00

Plait Unpicker

 Plait Unpicker

This plait unpicker is a valuable tackbox addition. It helps to make the unplaiting process quicker and easier while not damaging your horse's mane.

RRP $3.00

Plaiting Apron

 Plaiting Apron

When it comes to plaiting, are you all fingers and thumbs?

Then our plaiting apron is for you - keep all your plaiting gear organised and within easy reach. Thick fleece cotton lined plaiting apron with three large pockets and three smaller pockets.

RRP $45.00

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