Product review - Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Ear Plugs, by Brooke Car – Grosvenor Park Products
Product review - Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Ear Plugs, by Brooke Carter

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Product review - Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Ear Plugs, by Brooke Carter

Horse showing guru and dedicated showing mum, Brooke Carter, whose two daughters are highly successful in the show ring, tested our Liquid Titanium Far Infrafred Ear Plugs from Fenwick Equestrian. This is her review.

Which product did you test?
Fenwick Equestrian Liquid Titanium Far Infrared Therapy Ear Plugs, pony size
What were your first impressions of these ear plugs?
The ear plugs come in a set of three (one spare, which is handy) in a tough, cardboard cylinder which you can use to store them in. The ear plugs themselves were soft and squishy, like a mini beanbag, so they were very easy to push into the ear and moulded to the shape meaning there were no gaps where noise could get through. The material soft and seemed comfortable for the pony.
The pony size was a great size for our pony's small ears.
Horse ear plugs - Grosvenor Park Products
Horse ear plugs - Grosvenor Park Products


How did the ear plugs perform?

I used these plugs at Sydney Royal all week. As our pony is very noise sensitive he lives in ear plugs at the Royals. They moulded well to his ear and seemed very comfortable compared to some others we have tried. He was therefore able to wear them for long periods over the whole week with no issues.
At Sydney Royal I noticed him to be much calmer during the fireworks than usual, and I am sure this was due to the Liquid Titanium Ear Plugs. Usually he would get very uptight during the fireworks.
How did the ear plugs compare to other similar products you’ve tried?
These are the only ear plugs we know of that are actually made of a therapeutic calming material, so as well as reducing noise the material itself has a calming, anti-anxiety effect. So, you get double the effect in one product.
As they appear to be a squishy, memory-foam-style insert inside the liquid titanium material you can squish them into the horse's ears and they are much softer, more comfortable and kinder to the horse than other brands we have used.
Would you use this product again and recommend it to others?
Absolutely. We love these ear plugs and they made a huge difference to our pony. They get 5/5 from us.
I have already recommended them to several people who are looking for a really comfortable and effective ear plug for their horse or pony, especially people whose horses find other brands of ear plug irritating and uncomfortable.

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