Rodney Powell Superflex Body Protector - Rider safety is worth the investment

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Rodney Powell Superflex Body Protector - Rider safety is worth the investment

Hunter and former eventer Catherine Tranter discusses the comfort and versatility of the Rodney Powell Body Protector.

Thundering hooves, powerful hindquarters and immovable obstacles.  There’s no better way to spend a Sunday. A showjumping and cross-country clinic with Ben Nettlefield was just the thing to help re-build my confidence.  I’d had a not-too-great fall a couple of months ago which left me feeling a little tentative about life. It was also a fabulous opportunity to try out the Rodney Powell Body Protector (RPBP).

Some years ago, I was a regular eventing competitor, but life – and other events – got in the way.  As such, I haven’t needed to wear a body protector for years.  I remember them as being really cumbersome and a bit awkward.  Not so the RPBP. They come in two makes – the adult short and adult standard.  This is incredibly good news, especially for someone like me. I’m short. Definitely not the tall, svelte, slim and glamorously gorgeous horsewoman that usually springs to the minds of others when they think of the female Equestrian.  I’m also somewhat rounded from too many years spent at a desk in an office building and not doing what I actually enjoy. Not only is there a version to fit me in terms of body length, but it also adjusts to accommodate my larger girth. It adjusts very easily, fits snuggly (as they should) and is really comfortable to ride in. I didn’t feel in the least bit awkward or restricted in my movements as I conquered my demons over show-jumps and immovable objects (#lovemypony).

My verdict: So worth the investment.

Price: $350AUD

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