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These revolutionary mane thinning tools are brilliant on thick, unruly manes. They actually THIN thick manes and give the pulled look without discomfort.

A full mane can be transformed to a "pulled" mane in minutes. Unlike traditional mane pulling, Smart Manes does not cause your horse pain and discomfort, so Smart Manes can be used on the most sensitive of horses.

Smart Manes are made from high-quality Scandinavian steel, have an attractive wooden handle and are manufactured in Germany.

Choose from coarse, medium or fine blades depending on the thickness of the hair to be thinned. Smart Manes blades can be replaced and interchanged, allowing you to use the same tool on horses with different mane types - simply swap the blades to suit the horse. Replacement blades are available under 'Smart Manes - blades only'.

Smart Manes - horse mane tidier

Smart Manes - horse mane tidier

Before and after Smart Manes

Dogs and cats

Smart Manes can be used on long-haired dogs and cats to remove the thick undercoat, dematt the coat and take out loose moulting hair. They leave the coat thinned, tidy and more easily managed. If you have a large dog, you may want to consider a Smart Coats as their wider blades cover a large area more quickly. Similarly, if you have a small dog or cat, you may wish to consider using a Smart Tails as it has a narrower blade and is ideal for precision work.


Which blade should I choose?

Either blade will give good results but to achieve the best results you should match the blade to your horse's hair type.

Coarse blade - for thick matted manes and/or coarse hair

Medium - suitable for most horses with a reasonable amount of hair but not overly thick or thin

Fine blade - for finer manes and/or softer hair

The difference between the blades is that the teeth are closer together on the finer blades and further apart in the coarse.

If you only wish to buy replacement or alternative blades, i.e. without the handle, then please click on 'Back' in your internet browser and go into the Smart Manes - Blade only section.

Is it easy to use Smart Manes?

Yes, you will not believe how easy it is! Simply brush the mane to the 'wrong side', then comb with Smart Manes in a downward motion. Repeat until the desired thickness is achieved.

To watch a demonstration of Smart Manes being used to tidy a horse's mane, please click on the link below:

Please click on the drop down box below to order your Smart Manes product and choose your blade preference.


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