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Biteback Organics 'Sweet Relief' All-Natural Shampoo for Horses

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From the moment you spray Biteback Organics 'Sweet Relief' All-Natural Shampoo onto your horse's coat it is clear this is a top-quality, luxury product. It feels like it should be in a spa hotel rather than a stable yard!

This premium, ultra-mild shampoo has been especially matched to the pH of animal skin. Its moisturising formula helps calm itchy, irritated skin.  It contains a mild anti-dandruff agent which also conditions and is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The organic formula is completely biodegradable with no unnecessary additives (such as parabens, alcohols, sulphates or silicones) meaning you can really trust this product to look after your horse’s skin.

  • Shampoo thoroughly cleanses, removing dandruff and debris and leaving skin ready for other product applications
  • Gentle, all-natural, COSMOS and Ecocert approved ingredients means it’s safe to use on sensitive, itchy skins and is kind to the environment
  • Mild enough to preserve the skin’s natural mantle, so no need to rinse out completely
  • Highly economical in use:  the spray applicator delivers an estimated 25 full washes from every 500ml bottle, and 50 from a 1 litre bottle
  • Beautiful natural scent

For best results:  dampen hair with water, then spray the shampoo directly on, avoiding contact with eyes.   Massage in to create a lather, then rinse and repeat if required.  Any excess shampoo left in the coat will not cause irritation.

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