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Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo 500ml

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Smart Grooming's Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo neutralises and removes yellow staining and other marks on white/grey coats, without damaging the hair or skin.

With a relaxing lavender fragrance, this shampoo makes bathing a luxurious experience, as well as making your horse's white bits as white as white can be.

Deep Purple can be diluted for general washing or used neat on particularly difficult staining. For very yellow tails, use neat and directly on the tail. You may like to wash several times during the week prior to a show. Rub the hair together and lather in well, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and repeat. Spin tail to get worst of the water out, and then apply Smart Grooming's Super Shine lotion or spray in 'Tame the Mane'.  Then brush out carefully and leave to dry.  This will then protect the hair from further staining.  


"This is the best shampoo ever! A must for owners of greys! I should know, I have 14 who live outdoors!"   Lucinda McAlpine

“To all those of you even considering this shampoo, just buy it you will not be disappointed. I have four piebalds from youngsters to Hoys contenders. This shampoo is without doubt the best I have ever used, the results are phenomenal. I top this off with Smart Grooming's Tame the Mane and it has made my life so easy it doesn't just work the day you bath then I spray the Tame the Mane and it repells dirt between washes. If you are hesitant about using or buying it, don't be you will be amazed!!”   Michele Cooper

“It’s fab, I use it on my boy, he's rose grey so I need the white bits to be very white or he just looks mucky! I  have very sensitive skin and I don't have any problem with this, if it works for me I trust it on my horse.”   Amanda Birch

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