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New Equine Wear (NEW) Vent-Tex Leg Wraps

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NEW Vent-Tex Leg Wraps are ideal in most situations. For use in the paddock, stable, after exercise or washing and travelling. Vent-Tex Leg Wraps are shaped around the fetlock with velcro above and below the fetlock to prevent slipping. They are cut low around the coronet to provide extra protection. They are able to be used on both front and back legs.

NEW Vent-Tex Leg Wraps are highly breathable and wicks away moisture from your horses leg. With a super soft lining, it means these leg wraps are suitable for even the sensitive horses.

“I just LOVE your Vent-Tex Leg Wraps. The best I have ever found”, enthused Mary. “They fit really nicely because they are shaped and don’t slip down. They are super comfortable in any climate and come down low over the foot to protect the coronet band. Wet legs dry through them after wash down, which saves time. There are lots of uses for them – Brilliant. - Mary King

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery if we do not have your size in stock.

Available in pairs.


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