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Petwear Washbag - Large

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Prevent damage to your washing machine with the petwear washbag.

Keep your washing machine clean and prevent damage from loose pet hair by using the petwear washbag.

Use the washbag to wash:

  • Pet Clothing
  • Pet Bedding
  • Duvet Covers
  • Throws & Fleeces
  • Pet Towels
  • Soft Toys & Tugs
  • Collars & Harnesses

The washbag acts as a filtration system - retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle while allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items. The washbag also helps prevent damage to your machine from buckles or zips.

After washing, simply turn the washbag inside out and shake out any trapped hair. The washbag is then ready to be used again. When not in use, the washbag is handy for storing your pet laundry until ready for washing.

The Petwear Washbag is 58cm x 75cm.

If you think a larger or smaller washbag would better meet your needs, you may wish to consider purchasing a jumbo (75cm x 80cm) or small (41cm x 54cm) horsewear washbag. Horsewear washbags are suitable for both horse and pet items.


'Thanks for this wash bag it is an excellent idea to wash my dogs blankets and bedding, as having an 11month old chocolate brown labrador who sheds hair alot, I now do not have to worry about clogging my washing machine up.'

'Great product - can chuck all the dogs blankets etc into this along with any toys and then put into the washing machine and then straight into the dryer if necessary and stops the fluff and hairs getting into the machines.'

'A must for all pet owners! Great item, fantastic for all pet bedding. Eliminating hairy clothes forever!'

'Life saver. This is one of the best products i have purchased for my dog, It's so good I have recommended it to 3 of my friends who have all bought one. No more dog hair in the drum!! fantastic.'

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