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Polar White Stain Remover 500ml

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POLAR WHITE - Spray on stain remover/spray in whitening shampoo

Polar White is a superb stain remover spray which helps to remove stubborn discolouration and produce instant whiteness. It can be used on stable and grass stains, as well as on feathers, socks and tails. It is a clear, fresh smelling spray, giving excellent results on white and light coloured body areas. It also contains a de-greasing agent to remove stubborn grease. 

Can also be used to clean hat liners, remove stubborn stains on white saddlecloths and light coloured breeches and clothing! 

For best results, damp the dirty or stained area first then apply the spray directly or onto a sponge. Rub in well. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse out. For really stubborn stains, repeat. For yellow tails, dip tail in warm water, spray liberally and massage in well.  Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse and shampoo as normal with Smart Grooming Deep Purple whitening shampoo, which conditions and whitens stubborn areas.


'I purchased the Polar White Stain Remover and Deep purple shampoo the other week to use on my daughters grey (more like a poobald) pony.
I used it for the first time this morning.. all I can say is 'WOW' All stains have gone and he's sparklingly clean. Thank you, thank you thank you.I can safely say I will definitely be ordering more if these products and highly recommend other horse owners purchase them too.' , 21 August 2017



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