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Smart Grooming Hot Cloth Wash

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A concentrated no-rinse wash to remove grease and leave a clean coat. 

For best results:
Shake well before use and use the Hot Cloth method below.

  • If the coat is greasy or prior to clipping during the winter, use approx. 10ml of the Hot Cloth Wash to approx. 500ml of very warm water.
  • Apply to the coat with a well wrung out flannel or suede feel cloth, and wipe all over the body or just the areas that need cleansing.
  • The Hot Cloth Wash contains ingredients that will help to disperse the grease and get to the skin, allowing a thorough cleanse.
  • Natural grain spirit and Witch Hazel extract are the key ingredients that act as an astringent and lift the grease with ease.
  • Spearmint and Tea Tree oil cleanse and invigorate giving a refreshing healthy treatment prior to further grooming or clipping.
  • Once the coat has been hot clothed all over, leave to dry naturally. There is no need to rinse.

Natural Grain Spirit, Witch Hazel Extract, Allantoin, Spearmint, Tea Tree Oil, Colouring.

Size: 500ml

For added shine and condition once the coat is clean - consider Super Shine lotion for a high shine show ring finish, and apply using the Hot Cloth method above.

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